Lisa Lampanelli Weight Loss

The worldwide superstar Lisa Lampanelli has undergone the incredible transformation and changed over the years.

The article is consisted of weight loss in the pictures and look different in these days.

Who Is Lisa Lampanelli?

Lisa Lampanelli was born on the Lisa Marie LampugnaleJuly 19, 1961. Comedian Lisa Lampanelli has shared her weight loss surgery.

The 55 years old comedian said about her impressive weight loss surgery. The celebrity showed off his physique by drop down the size from 2 to 24.

Lisa Lampanelli AKA comedian, Celebrity Apprentice star has lost the weight in April.55-years old comedian has struggled a lot for weight loss since the age of 18-years old.

She has tried every workout training and the nutrition to achieve the success and then gastric sleeve surgery.

How She Lost Her Weight?

One of the main reason behind the weight gaining is an emotional eating.

Lisa Lampanelli has decided to focus on her physique and the emotions as well. She gives the reason to emotional eating for packing on the pounds.

Lisa said in the HuffPost Live, It is very hard for me to have been working on the emotional and the internal issues. It is truly a real journey.

If you can’t do it, so you need to feel the feeling.

Lisa Lampanelli said that she has gained and lost the 300 pounds easily and also added that these food issues are not similar like other celebrities.

The comedian has lost almost 20lbs by strict towards the diet and rest of the pounds are lost by the surgery.

How Much Size Lisa Lampanelli Has Reduced The Stomach?

Lampanelli has reduced size and comes to the 12 before 6 months. Lisa Lampanelli’s husband does the same procedure as her wife does in the Touch Magazine.

In the Touch magazine, she has explained that the obesity risks are greater than the surgery.

Does Gastric sleeve surgery has an ability to cure the type 2 diabetes? Thetype 2 Diabetes is associated with the aging, nerves and cardiovascular disease.

Lisa Said Shared Her Weight Loss Journey:

Lisa is known for her weight loss success in the year 2012 for lost 107 pounds through gastric sleeve surgery. Through this, Lisa looks more happier and healthier than ever.

Lisa Lampanelli has shredded 107 pounds in 3 years.Lisa Lampanelli’s revealed that she has done many efforts to do the weight loss and keep check today.

It is very easy to lose the weight and it is typical to maintain the weight. Everytime, the emotional eating can make something bad.

During the November 2014 interview with the Closer Weekly, Lisa Lampanelli explained all of the procedure of gastric sleeve operation.

The food is love for Lisa family, she was medicated with foods and the drugs as well.

Mariah Carey did the same as Lisa. Mariah is the 48-year-old girl that shows off her physique after getting through gastric sleeve surgery.

Lisa Lampanelli has admitted that surgery is not a perfect solution and she should maintain the weight through following proper exercises and the nutrition plan.

The Gastric Sleeve Surgery:

The gastric sleeve operation is a type of the surgery that is recommended by doctors.This operation is usually recommended to those individuals whose weight comes to the obesity range and there is a risk of many serious diseases and may be fatal.

After having the surgery, there are no more food portions are allowed. If you want to undergo the surgery, it is important to research all of the detail.

In this method, the doctors make the stomach smaller to cut down the excess fat from the body and to lose the weight by restricting the food intake.

This method is very simple, quick, laproscopic, and easy. The purpose of this method is to reduce the stomach size.

The gastric bypass, lap band, and the gastric sleeve have gained the fame and rise in popularity for the few years. The gastric sleeve is also called as the Vertical Sleeve gastrectomy(VGS).

This is involved in the removing 80 percent of the stomach and similar to the banana shape. The procedure has consisted of two stages and recommended for the treatment of obesity by the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery (ASMBS).

The procedure plays an important role to limit the food and help a patient to feed the hungry. The majority of techniques are involving very small incisions.

The surgery results in the fast and the rapid recovery.The gastric sleeve surgery has consisted of the risks and complications are included in the bleeding, digestion issues, and sagging skin from rapid weight loss.

Every time, you need to ask yourself by checking in the mirror that Am I physically or internally hungry. If you do not do this so, there is a risk that every time bad happens. She looks very slim and the trim.

It is very difficult and loaded with struggle nowadays.

The Nutrition:

She has lost the pounds by following the cheat meals as well. Lisa has truly said about the eating stuff.

The ethnic humor is cheating foods, dark chocolate, and popcorns. The Lisa Lampanelli’s cheating meals are the popcorn and the dark chocolate. It’s not including any type of cake.

But, when I cheat so I really cheat.

According to her, Lisa has almost 500 calorie diet in their boils. The breakfast is a kale smoothie, chocolate-flavored protein, and a lean protein such as the shrimp and chicken for lunch.

A doctor helped him to determine the nutrients.The nutrition has consisted of green vegetables, juices, and smoothies. I always eat like a healthy person and motivated for my work.

The Workout Training:

Lisa has hitting the gym to keep off the excess weight. I have done a longer distance for the 5 miles.

When I don’t do the workout so, I feel more anxious. She has the sweetest personal trainer in the world

The workout training of the Lisa Lampanellihas consisted of the weights.

The training has consisted of three times per week. The main part of his training is to focus on the strength training.

After the two weeks of surgery, she has turned to the comfort foods such as sweets and pasta. I realized that the energy is low and depleted.


You will feel good by following the proper workout training and nutrition programs. It is important to follow the natural methods before following the gastric sleeve surgery.

The results are very optimistic and really incredible. The weight loss struggles make every day amazing.